Cusco Street Zero A BLUE Comfort

Superb comfort, silence, and ride qualities Style and flexibility of 40 way damper adjustment and full-tap height adjustable case...

Cusco Street Zero A BLUE Comfort
  • 40-Way Adjustable Damper Settings
  • Full-Taped Case for Total Ride Height Control
  • Complete with Upper Mounts
  • For Minivans, rubber mounts are used for superb control of noise and comfort.
  • CPRV Internal Valves used on dampers
  • eCon-2 Electronic Damper Controller Compatible

Cusco Street Zero A BLUE Comfort
  • 40-Way adjustable Damper System

Featuring thumb twist 40 way damper control dial at the top of the strut or shock absorber, easily switching ride preference.
Also compatible with in-cabin electronic control with optional eCon-2 Electronic Control Module

  • Full-Taped Bottom Bracket height Adjustment

Allows for complete height adjustment without altering the spring preload, allowing full suspension stroke regardless of set vehicle height.

  • CPRV Valves used in all Street Model Cusco Coilover

CPRV design ensures that shock absorbers can fully function at the rated damper setting over a wide range of suspension stroke speeds, ensuring that the performance, control, and stability are maintained.

  • eCon-2(Optional) Electronic Controller Compatible

In-cabin, on-the-fly damper adjustment is now a reality adding to the benefit of Cusco Street Series coilover systems.

  • All Cusco suspension are developed specific to application

Each vehicle application are tuned and damper valves set accordingly We do not use one-system-fits-all approach as we believe that every vehicle we tune has a specific character. This ensures that our systems do not have adjustment ranges unnecessary, and that whole system acts to enhance the driving experience as primary design goal.

All Cusco Suspension Systems are made in Japan,
with highest industry-standard facilities meeting ISO 9001 and SEA Standards.

40-Way Damper Adjustment Graph

40-Way Damper Adjustment Graph

Damper Case

Damper Case

Cusco suspension damper case features Nickel-Chrome treated surface, and aids in strong resistance to corrosion, as well as extremely durable, scratch-free surface, allowing smooth adjustment motions and positive locking of set height.

Full-Tap Thread Design

Full-Tap Thread Design

Dust and dirt that accumulates over time are pushed away from the thread surface in Cusco's design, so that even with ling usage cycle, the thread remains locked and preventing unwanted wear and expsure to elements.

CPRV(Corrective Pressure Regulator Valve)

CPRV(Corrective Pressure Regulator Valve)

With the CPRV piston valve system, the low piston speed range damper efficacy is corrected and retained.
Due to this design, the damper character remains linear, and adjustment ratios are retained over wide range of motion speeds and loads.

Height-Adjustment lock-Nut Design

Height- Adjustment lock-Nut Design

Strut Configuration dampers are equipped with 22mm and 25mm Heavy-Duty Piston Roads

This is to assure that the entire assembly can be loaded to the specifications exceeding OEM durability. This added durability in the strut assembly can assist in making sure the wheels are aligned and the suspension can trace the designed dynamic alignment and proper stroke and steering path.

The stability and benefits are felt in sporting maneuvers as well, as the higher loads of sporting use and stickier tires will be comfortably within the designed rigidity.

street series comparison list

street street ZERO street A street ZERO A
street street ZERO street A street ZERO A
Twin Tube construction Twin Tube construction Twin Tube construction Twin Tube construction
Spring Perch Height Adjust Spring Perch Height Adjust Spring Perch Height Adjust Spring Perch Height Adjust
Preload Adjust Preload Adjust Preload Adjust Preload Adjust
- Double Tapped Full Height Adjust - Double Tapped Full Height Adjust
*14 Rear Adjust Only *14 Rear Adjust Only Full 40-Way
(14 Way Rear Dampers On Selected Models )
Full 40-Way
- - eCON2 Electronic Adjust (optional) eCON2 Electronic Adjust (optional)
Made in Japan Made in Japan Made in Japan Made in Japan
JPY 100,000 JPY 118,000- JPY 104,000- JPY 140,000-