Cusco Street A BLUE Comfort

Precision Fine-Tune of 40-Way Damper Adjustment

Cusco Street A BLUE Comfort
  • Fine Tuning Capability of 40-Way Damper Adjustment
  • Spring-Seat Pre-Load Adjustment
  • Use Original Upper mount for a budget-friendly way
    to achieve goals without sacrificing OEM reliability and comfort.
  • e-Con2 Electronic Damper Adjustment Compatible

Cusco Street A BLUE
  • Fully Adjustable Front and Rear Dampers

Adjustable over a wide range of 40 steps in both front and rear
damper units, precision fine tuning is possible with street A Series.

  • Compatible with e-Con2 Electronic Adjustment Controller

With the addition of optional e-Con2 Electronic Adjustment Controller, the dampers can individually adjusted on-the-fly from the cockpit.
With e-Con2, the adjustability is a simple click of a button. It even remembers up to 4 presets so going back to different favorite settings are easy too.

  • Twin-Tube patented Construction Damper

With our twin-tube street A series, the design allows for a very wide stroke range normally not available to this class of suspension, and matched to each applications and constructed and tuned differently.
No "cookie-cutter" cost saving approach taken, and full R&D results are incorporated in each of the designs and application.

  • Minor height adjustments and pre-load adjustment capable

street A comes with pre-load adjustments to accommodate wide range of springs, as well as giving you fine tuning capacity to ride-height.

  • All of Cusco's Suspension kits are corrosion-resistant

Every Cusco suspension system kits are coated with Nickel-Chrome treatment and are blended of premium quality metals to assure longevity and reliability, easy to clean, and corrosion resistant.

In addition, everything we manufacture is produced in a ISO9001 and ASEA certified facility to meet the most strict global standards.

40-Way Damper Adjustment Graph

40-Way Damper Adjustment Graph

Damper Case

Cusco suspension damper case features Nickel-Chrome treated surface, and aids in strong resistance to corrosion, as well as extremely durable, scratch-free surface, allowing smooth adjustment motions and positive locking of set height.

Full-Tap Thread Design

Dust and dirt that accumulates over time are pushed away from the thread surface in Cusco's design, so that even with ling usage cycle, the thread remains locked and preventing unwanted wear and exposure to elements.

Strut Configuration dampers are equipped with 22mm and 25mm Heavy-Duty Piston Roads

This is to assure that the entire assembly can be loaded to the specifications exceeding OEM durability. This added durability in the strut assembly can assist in making sure the wheels are aligned and the suspension can trace the designed dynamic alignment and proper stroke and steering path.

The stability and benefits are felt in sporting maneuvers as well, as the higher loads of sporting use and stickier tires will be comfortably within the designed rigidity.

street series comparison list

street street ZERO street A street ZERO A
street street ZERO street A street ZERO A
Twin Tube construction Twin Tube construction Twin Tube construction Twin Tube construction
Spring Perch Height Adjust Spring Perch Height Adjust Spring Perch Height Adjust Spring Perch Height Adjust
Preload Adjust Preload Adjust Preload Adjust Preload Adjust
- Double Tapped Full Height Adjust - Double Tapped Full Height Adjust
*14 Rear Adjust Only *14 Rear Adjust Only Full 40-Way
(14 Way Rear Dampers On Selected Models )
Full 40-Way
- - eCON2 Electronic Adjust (optional) eCON2 Electronic Adjust (optional)
Made in Japan Made in Japan Made in Japan Made in Japan
JPY 100,000 JPY 118,000- JPY 104,000- JPY 140,000-