Reasonably priced, properly tuned, and simple to achieve the drop and keeping the best qualities of the stock car.
For those who are adamant about ride qualities and keeping unwanted road noise in control.

  • Fixed to proper damper valving we've engineered to be ideal
  • 14 way rear damper adustment for load variance compensation
  • Utilizes the stock upper mounts for comfort, reliability, and longevity
  • Total control of unwanted noises, and excessive vibrations
  • Tailored to folks who want to stay simple, and keep the OEM quality

simple price
  • Simple Pricing without confusing options

Simple construction, to keep as much of the OEM quality parts
to design the proper suspension with comfort and control improvements
while giving the user, a flexible height adjustment, and ride control.

Simple damper adjustment in the rear where it needs it most, because the rear of the car is where the trunk is as are the passenger seats, and weights and loads of the rear can change constantly. The Street Series feature a 14-way simple adjust dial to allow general control of ride qualities based on the loads and occasions.

Twin-Tube damper design allows for maximum piston travel to assure a wide variety of road conditions and loads can be matched, and operated with reliability and comfort.

We do engineer the entire system right down to the valves in the dampers to case and piston dimensions, spring rates, and bushings, all in the aim to cater to each individual car carefully. No "cookie-cutter" R&D here like many we see today elsewhere.

All of our suspension systems are treated with Nickel-Chrome coating to assure longevity, anti-corrosion properties, and easy cleaning and maintenance.

All of our suspension components are built in facilities we operate with standards of international production grades, meeting ISO9001 and SEA to assure quality as well as sustainability.

14-way Rear Damper Adjustment

New click dial design

14-Way rear damper adjustment ranges are configured in such way to assure best stroke and ride characters according to weight and load changes, and cater to this specifically through our patented twin-port rotary internal valve system. And every application is tested and valved individually with fully cost of R&D so we can assure the Cusco grade, quality, materials, product performance, and longevity.

New click dial design

14-Way Passenger / Load-Dependent Comfort Adjustment

14-Way Passenger / Load-Dependent Comfort Adjustment

Damper Case

Cusco suspension dampler case features Nickel-Chrome treated surface, and aids in strong resistance to corrosion, as well as extremely durable, scratch-free surface, allowing smooth adjustment motions and positive locking of set height.

Full-Tap Thread Design

Dust and dirt that accumilates over time are pushed away from the thread surface in Cusco's design, so that even with long usage cycle, the thread remains locked and preventing unwanted wear and expsure to elements.

Strut Configuration dampers are equipped with 22mm and 25mm Heavy-Duty Piston Roads

This is to assure that the entire assembly can be loaded to the specifications exceeding OEM durability. This added durability in the strut assembly can assist in making sure the wheels are aligned and the suspension can trace the designed dynamic alignment and proper stroke and steering path.

The stability and benefits are felt in sporting maneuvers as well, as the higher loads of sporting use and stickier tires will be comfortably within the designed rigidity.

street series comparison list

street street ZERO street A street ZERO A
street street ZERO street A street ZERO A
Twin Tube construction Twin Tube construction Twin Tube construction Twin Tube construction
Spring Perch Height Adjust Spring Perch Height Adjust Spring Perch Height Adjust Spring Perch Height Adjust
Preload Adjust Preload Adjust Preload Adjust Preload Adjust
- Double Tapped Full Height Adjust - Double Tapped Full Height Adjust
*14 Rear Adjust Only *14 Rear Adjust Only Full 40-Way
(14 Way Rear Dampers On Selected Models )
Full 40-Way
- - eCON2 Electronic Adjust (optional) eCON2 Electronic Adjust (optional)
Made in Japan Made in Japan Made in Japan Made in Japan
JPY 100,000 JPY 118,000- JPY 104,000- JPY 140,000-